Friday, April 28, 2006

Bye-Bye Big Boys!

Well its 4:23am Friday morning and I have just waved off Tim and Zane who are going to spend 4 days at Fraser Island. This is the first boys' weekend they have ever been on - and its finally hitting me that Zane is growing up. 12yo boy in a man's body - I'm sure he was a baby only the other day!!!

On the scrapping front, I've finished my first ever canvas for a cybercrop and I'm really happy with it! I don't think it will win because I don't think its the standard kind that gives people the "warm and fuzzies" but I'm thrilled with it and it really suits the subject!

My back is still killing me so yet another trip to the physio today. I'm going stir crazy being locked up inside for 10 days now. I hope it gets better soon.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Ho Hum

Well just another back is STILL killing me and Mum went home 2day. I don't know what we would have done without her. Kinda' takes the joy out of everything when you feel like a cripple. It must be so hard having a permanent disability and I admire anyone who goes thru it and comes out smiling.

On the scrapping front, I managed to do a (fairly ordinary!) layout for the SAM cybercrop this weekend, but I'm not feeling particularly creative with the back, etc.
Hope I get my mojo back soon!

BUT have a look at this from a very special friend of mine! This lady does the most amazing work and really is someone to watch out for!

Also keep you eyes out for Fran and Terri. These two are REALLY talented!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Something way too scary....

After my visit to the physio yesterday I can hardly walk! Thank God Mum is here, that's all I can say. What would I do without her?

After taking a couple of photos of Jonah yesterday, I noticed that one of his eyes is reflecting white instead of red. I knew there was something wrong with that so I searched the net and everything points to a condition known as "retinoblastoma" which is a very rare type of eye cancer. I just burst into tears with my self-diagnosis (sometimes I guess ignorance would be bliss).

This morning I will have to ring around and either get him to a doctor or an optometrist ASAP just to check things out. I wish I could just put my head in the sand about this but, like many things in life, it must be dealt with. I am my child's advocate and this simply must be checked out. Hopefully this will be nothing. Will keep you informed of outcome.

2:30pm. Well, good news! After a very stressful morning at the optometrists, we have got the all clear for Jonah - he has not got retinoblastoma! The optometrist had never seen a photo like Jonah's before but he checked thoroughly and the only thing he could find was that Jonah has got extremely large optic nerves! This apparently causes no problems at all. He says the camera is just obviously catching the large optic nerves and that is what we are seeing. When I work it out,I will post a photo of Jo's eyes so you can see - freaky!

Went to physio at 1:00pm - very sore. Have to go back again on Monday.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Just when I thought life was going to get back to normal after the School Holidays, I was doing some cleaning yesterday and my bl**dy back went out! It is really bad and I had to call Mum to come over as I can't pick up the children and get everyone to school etc! Appointment as physio tomorrow morning so I'll see what he says.

I can, however, manage to sit very upright at my scrapping table to I actually did a layout. It is using the new Basic Grey range and features heaps of hand stitching amongst other things. I'm really happy with it.

However, when I load it into my Blog it rotates....oh well, just turn your head to the horizontal and you'll get to see it properly LOL!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New Camera!

Well we actually bit the bullet and bought a new Camera and Printer the other day. I am so in love with the Camera! We ended up getting the Canon EOS 30d with the 18-55mm lens and the 80-300mm lens. I have been snapping away and am completely obsessed with photography at the moment!

When I work out how to successfully drive this blog, I will have to upload some photos so I can record my progress (if any, LOL!). I could really get into photography, especially now that with Digital it is so "instant". No hours in the darkroom, etc., etc.

I'm still not completely comfortable with people altering photos through photoshop, etc., but I guess that's just my lack of understanding and me wanting to hold on to a more original, perhaps more pure form of art. But, alas, I will have to get used to it as there's probably no going back now!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Trying to upload a layout!

This is a little too technical for me but I may as well try to upload one of my layouts...Here goes...

This is a layout I did for a Cyber Crop for Scrapbooks and More. The theme was "orange" so I found it pretty easy as I LOVE orange! I have used machine stitching, hand-stitching and I actually used only cardstock (no printed paper!) which is a first for me. I had fun with it and am happy with the result!

WooHoo I'm now a blogger!

Oh, the joys of being old and (almost) computer illiterate! After many months of consideration, I have finally found out a little about starting a blog! Welcome to the 21st Century.

Stay tuned, as I learn how to drive this thing.....

I'm not too sure about posting photos, etc. Have serious privacy concerns but I guess that could be a little reality I guess not too many people will read this! Oh well, hang on and enjoy the ride!