Thursday, August 31, 2006

Aussie Dare #5

The topic for this one was my interpretation of "Focus". Looks a little like the ramblings of an insane woman lol!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Yesterday's Effort

Wow, I can't wait for this month to finish! I'm really having trouble getting out of my head IFKWIM. So frustrated, so scatty and so down. I can't seem to put things in their place. I think I'll treat September as a new beginning.

Too many ideas, too many things to do, no confidence.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Still Struggling!

Finally Levi & Jonah have gone back to Kindy! I haven't done much scrapping - none on the weekend - and no time during the last few days of last week. I sat down today and, naturally, I forget how to do it!!!!! Aaaargh - not again!!!!

Anyway, thought I'd try my hand at an altered item and I've altered an old pen box into somewhere I can keep my safety pins, etc.

Better than nothing lol!

Monday, August 28, 2006

DT Challenge

My first Artypants DT Challenge - using more than six photos (aaargh)!. I did do another one but it was accepted for publication in SC (I think issue 38).

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Woo Hoo

Scrapapple Gallery has finally gone LIVE. Have a look here.

Now for other news - when is the Chicken Pox not the Chicken Pox? When its the German Measles!

After having a good look at Jonah's rash and trusting my gut feeling, I took Jo back to the Doctor and, no, he doesn't have chicken pox but he has German Measles!

Before you ask, YES HE HAS HAD HIS IMMUNISATIONS! Grrr, apparently they only work in 98% of cases! He is absolutely covered in this red rash - poor little mite.

Scrapping wise, I am so tired and unmotivated that I haven't produced a single thing - very inspiring!

Oh well, there's always next week!

Hope everyone's having a great weekend

Friday, August 25, 2006

The Pox

Well, today I have two little 4yo boys home with the dreaded Chicken Pox!

After spending the day yesterday mopping and washing up vomit (bewdiful!), today I have two very spotty and itchy children!

I also have my gorgeous 12yo Zane home after a late nite last nite at his Choir concert! So should be a testosterone filled day all round.

Hopefully, I'll have some time to scrap tonite - maybe even the Friday nite Challenge with my gorgeous friend Marni.

Once we have decided what the challenge, I'll let you know - please join in if you wish.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

OK, OK, so I've been a bit slack.....

Sorry about that, but I have been a bit dodgy in the blogging department !!!! I'll try not to let it happen again.

Now she's gone I can tell you - I had a sneaky visit from my
{dearest} friend
the fabulous MarniT!!!

I picked Marni up from the Airport on Monday morning and she went home this afternoon - it was so fabulous to see her. For those of you who don't know me personally, Marni and I used to scrap together regularly on a Friday nite until she abandoned me (how rude, I ask you!??!?!??)

Anyway, we had a terrific time together, catching up, etc., etc. - lots of laughs, lots of scrapping, lots of fun. I guess its my turn to visit her next! Can't wait. If you get a chance, pop over to her Blog to have a look at her work and to offer an opinion on a rather interesting topic - crediting inspiration - you can do that by clicking here.

I finished my DT Project for Artypants - our first challenge was to use six or more photos! Aaargh. But what fun! I'm not sure if you've heard about Artypants...but its really worthwhile having a look at it - the DT has some mega talent and really worthwhile keeping an eye on.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


I have been offered a teaching position of a Saturday at one of my LSS! How exciting!!!

The funny thing is that I have never been to a class so I will have to go to one of their classes this Saturday to see what they actually do lol! It will sure be nice to have a couple of hours "grown up time" and maybe be part of the real world for a couple of hours a week. Yay!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Thought I'd have a little whinge on no-one listens at home lol!

I HATE WATER RESTRICTIONS...... For those of you who don't live in Queensland, you may not be aware, but we in Brisbane and Ipswich City Councils, we have Level 3 water restrictions which are a pain in the butt!!!!

With Level 3 water restrictions we are only allowed to water our garden by bucket - no hose must be attached to your outside taps. The over 70's CAN use a hose for ONE HOUR on a Sunday.

I said to Mum today, we are thinking of hiring her out at, say $100.00 per hour on a Sunday (because that is cheaper than a fine for hosing). I think that makes perfectly good sense.

Apparently in October they are going to introduce Level 4 Water Restrictions which means no watering gardens at all! Great! That means we spent nearly $10,000 on our gardens, etc. for diddly squat - think of all the scrapbooking products I could have bought for that!!!

Like I've got time (or inclination) at the moment to be filling @#$*! buckets of water up and watering our plants and our grass!!!! Hello!!!

I can't believe in this day and age and in a Capital City that we have water restrictions - great work Peter Beattie and the Labor Government for your forethought in canning the damn projects that were in place nearly 20 years ago by the previous Government. I say big raspberry to you!!!

It Never Rains.....

Had a great day at the Ekka yesterday - ate heaps of junk food, bought sample bags for kids, etc., etc., etc.

Got home to find an acceptance for a couple of layouts in SC and another one for FK. Unfortunately I had to decline the FK one as SC got in first - aaaargh!

Mum is over today which is just lovely. Levi and Jonah are now dressed up as cowboys and Mum and I are wearing Indian Head-dresses - nothing wrong with our family lol! Hopefully will get some scrapping done tonite!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday again again!

Well after being possible one of the worst bloggers on the planet last week (except maybe for you Marni lol!) I thought I'd try and blog every day for a while and see how I go with that!

Only problem is I've got such a boring existence lol! Maybe I can create some scandal or start some malicious rumours......LOL!

The most exciting thing that happened to me today was that I actually got a hair cut - woo hoo - looking gorgeous now - hang on to your husbands girls (pmsl)!

Tim's got a couple of days off this week so we'll probably take Zane to the Ekka tomorrow. I've been trying to get out of it (waste of good scrapping money, I say!) but alas to no avail! Never mind - I'll just have to think of the Dagwood Dogs and of all those wonderful germs I'll be picking up and bringing home! Gotta love that!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Back in the Land of the Living!

Firstly a huge
to all who visited my Blog and your messages of support!

It NEVER ceases to amaze me the support from people and I am sooo grateful to you all. A special, special, special {THANKYOU} to Marni, Crissy, Lusi, Sarahvw and SusanJ for your personal support. I can't tell you how much it means to me.

Well, I'm back in the {Land of the Living} again. Its quite amazing but every year, for about two weeks prior I seem to sink into the black hole - not a conscious decision but afterwards I realise what has happened.

I woke up yesterday and it was like the dark cloud had moved and I could see the sun again. Wow - it looks good and it is sooooo great to be back!

I scrapped with Alicia and Sara on Friday nite - not a particularly productive evening for Sara and I that's for sure lol!

Last nite I actually had an attempt at Freestylin' which I really enjoyed. I am really enjoying playing with all different styles of scrapbooking. It is all such a wonderful learning curve.

Friday, August 11, 2006

All's Well....

Thank you everyone who has wondered if I'm okay - I've been a bit quiet blogging this week!

To be honest, I've been a bit down this week. Today, five years ago, my daughter, Billie-Lee, died. She actually died before her birth today, five years ago.

After having Zane 12 years ago, I had six miscarriages (all between 12 and 18 weeks) and one ectopic pregancy. When I fell pregnant (aged 37) with Billie, we were again absolutely terrified that this one would go wrong too.

The pregnancy progressed perfectly and when I passed the 28 week mark we were so sure everything was fine. We even set up the nursery, because she was such a wanted child. Actually, I even relaxed about it all and started getting very excited about her arrival. We had even put the capsule in the car.

This was my first pregnancy that went to full term. I went into labour two days before my due date. Tim took me to the hospital. We went into the labour ward and the midwives did their usual stuff.

When a doctor finally arrived, he failed to find a heartbeat. It was then we realised that our darling, much wanted daughter had died. As you can imagine, we were absolutely devestated.

At 9:00am on August 11, 2001, I delivered naturally a perfectly "healthy" newborn baby girl weighing 6 pound 7 ounces who was dead. The pain of delivering a child who will never take a breathe, who was silent, was almost too much for me to bear.

Whoops, getting a bit teary now. Send a thought my way during the day and hug your babies, no matter how difficult they are during the day. I know I will be doing that to my little handfuls today!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A Few Questions...

I am still trying to search for my long lost mojo! From what I've been hearing, its not alone - maybe there's some really wierd "mojo meeting" going on somewhere and all the mojo's are sitting around laughing at us all, seeing us question ourselves and struggling to put anything down!!!

Well, I've had enough now and, to quote Peter Finch, "I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore". Mojo (and friends) put that drink down now and come home where you belong!!! I'm not happy with your carrying's on and it can only lead to TROUBLE!!!!

Now, I have a few questions for everyone....

1. Do you scrap better alone or in company?
2. What do your layouts start with? (ie. photo, papers, etc.)
3. Do you ever sit down and produce ABSOLUTELY nothing?
4. Do you ever look at your work and think "blah"?

Just wondering if I'm normal (no smart-arse comments please lol!).

Sunday, August 06, 2006

A Layout to Share....

There, its up now - my Aussie Dares Friday Nite Challenge. Hope you like it!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Friday Nite Challenge

Well Marni and I did our second Friday Nite Challenge! This week it was a Black and White layout for the Aussie Dares blog.

With no mojo and no patterned paper, a girl has to do the best she can on the nite lol!

Dang - Blogger won't let me upload photos atm - I'll try again later!

Friday, August 04, 2006

I Need some Serious Help!!!!

Still no mojo! Not good!!

Tonite I will be doing the weekly Marni & Jilly challenge - yes, we are going to attempt the Aussie Dares Black & White challenge - should be interesting with no mojo AND no black and white patterned paper lol! Hmmm, thinking cap on for me! Please join us if you wish! (if I could work out how to put my email link in my sidebar I would so you could email it to me - any tips?)

I think I need an injection of {NEW PRODUCTS} - I am so sick of waiting for new CHA stuff - it seems like its taking forever to come here! What is a girl supposed to do I ask you?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

No Mojo!

Oh no, my Mojo is Low! (I hate it when that happens!). Please send creative vibes my way!