Tuesday, May 30, 2006


So I didn't quite reach my 3 times a week goal for my blogging - I tried, but nothing too exciting has happened!

On Saturday we went to SDU which was great - Actually I have NEVER been to a show even remotely to do with scrapbooking so I thought it was great - picked up some great bargains. I finally caught up with Dawn and Kelly from Scrapapple - their shop was soooo busy which wonderful (picture above),

I also FINALLY managed to catch up with Sara and her three gorgeous children. We will have to arrange to get together sans children so we can actually talk like grown-ups (I think I remember how lol!).

I have also been tagged for the first time! (thanks Sara lol!). So, I guess I just do what must be done and get on with it before I forget! Here goes -

I AM: actually a very private person and fiercely loyal
I WANT: just 4 more hours in each day
I HATE: crowds and injustice
I MISS: sleeping in
I FEAR: being the centre of attention
I HEAR: the washing machine in the laundry and the hum of the computer
I WONDER: what the future holds for me and mine
I REGRET: not having my children when I was younger
I AM NOT: very organised but I am constantly trying to get better!
I DANCE: with my three boys and my DH
I SING: loudly and constantly (and probably quite badly lol!)
I CRY: when I see injustice
I AM NOT ALWAYS: using my time constructively
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: just about anything I put my mind to
I WRITE: as I speak
I CONFUSE: wants and needs sometimes
I NEED: to go to bed earlier!
I SHOULD: really being doing my housework!
I START: getting cranky when I am tired
I FINISH: projects that interest me

There....so my first ever tag! Now its my turn to tag LEONIE, JENNY and MARNI! So...off you go girls!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Hmmm...I'm a Time Waster!

It has finally dawned on me over the past week or so that either I'm the most hopelessly disorganised woman alive or that I'm just a "time waster".

Wanting to shirk all responsibility, I blame, wholeheartedly, my computer. If it wasn't for the cyberworld, I would probably be doing something more constructive with my life!

On the other hand, I have made some wonderful friends in cyberworld and we all seem to catch up on what's happening in eachother's lives and see what we are creating. Egad, I hate a double-edged sword!

I have actually been exercising this week - 4 days in a row (yippee!) and eating better (although I did weaken at the chocolate ice-cream with Choc-Honeycomb Ice Magic (but what's a girl to do?)....but only once!

I did some scrapping today and will upload the layout on the weekend. Marni is coming over tonite which I am REALLY looking forward to. (Mind you, we spend half the nite catching up on what's happening in eachother's lives!).

Hoping to catch up with Sara and the girls from Scrapapple on the weekend at Stamping Down Under (hint, hint, Sara!).

That's all for now!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Brrrrr....Its getting cold!

Winter is in the air! A chilly 2 degrees here this morning - but what a gorgeous day! I love snuggling up under heaps of blankets....almost time to get the electric blanket out!

Last nite, we had two little visitors to our bed. At 12:30am, Levi jumps in. At 3:30, Jonah wakes me up talking about Freddo Frogs! Sure enough, he had turned every light on in the living room and kitchen, moved one of the chairs over to the cupboard and raided the pantry for Freddo Frogs (definitely his mother's son lol!). So ended up with two extra people and the cat in bed last nite! Needless to say, I'm a bit weary today.

I have stuck with my "no junk" policy for two days (what a feat!) and, although I haven't done my walks as yet, I did 30 minutes on the exercise bike yesterday - very proud of myself. (Only hope I can keep it up!). Would love to lose 15kg, but my willpower is shot!

I have a few scrapbooking projects on the go at the moment - I'm doing a small album for Tim's proofs and started doing a layout yesterday of the most gorgeous photo of Levi. Will upload it when its finished.

Have a look at these - aren't they gorgeous? I got one for mother's day and it is just gorgeous!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

I am a Dodgy Blogger!!

On no! I have finally come to realise that I am indeed a dodgy blogger! I don't blog often enough. I always go search through my fave blogs and get disappointed when there isn't an update BUT I don't blog often enough! Maybe my life is just a little to dull ATM (which is soooooo true) but I really should have enough creativity in me to make it at least SOUND exciting....Any tips from anyone?

My creativity is low, my children have been a little "off" with one thing or another, my back has been driving me nuts (but is slowly getting better), and have had a rotten cold! On top of this, I have been eating terribly (think of me hunting down long lost Freddos in the pantry lol!) and discovering Turkish Delight Ice-cream (absolutely divine!) and the bulk pack of Turkish Delight Iceblocks (only available in Woolies!). My God, they are soooo good!

So, today is my last hurrah (until the next time!) and after today, I shall remove thine finger and try and become a little more disciplined in all departments!

Perhaps it has been the change of season, (sounds pretty lame doesn't it?!?!) .

I shall challenge myself to do the following:-
  1. Cut down (severely) the junk food;
  2. Produce at least 2 layouts a week and add them to my Blog;
  3. Go for a 30 minute walk AT LEAST 3 times this week;
  4. Go to bed earlier than 11:30pm every nite (and then complaining that I'm tired all the time!);
  5. Add SOMETHING to my Blog AT LEAST 3 times a week;
  6. Eat more fruit and veges;
  7. Stop wasting so much time sitting on the computer, surfing the net and never really accomplishing anything!

Does this sound familiar to anyone else? Would anyone else like to join me?

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Had a lovely day today! Mum, Scott, Maggie, Saskia all came over for brunch and left at about 3:30pm. Exhausting but lovely day! House full of family and children.

I actually did my first ever All About Me project for the SAM weekend cyber crop. Found it difficult to work on a layout about me (HATE having photo taken but I managed to crop a photo that Tim took the other day and its come up well!).

I am really thrilled with the result and had a great time with it!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

On the Home Front....

We took the little ones out to the park of Sunday for a bit of fun and a photo shoot. We had a ball! Check out this photo of Levi munching on some cheezels!

My back is still playing up which is driving me nuts. I feel like an old woman (no rude comments thanks lol!) and to top it off I have come down with a head/chest cold so all in all I'm a picture of health and glowing with happiness...not.

Life Goes On....

A week of not much excitement...but you get that in life don't you!.

I finally got to meet Kelly from Scrapapple on Sunday when I collected my first DT project. Their stock is stunning - really worth having a look at and the prices are soooo cheap. My first project is an All About Me layout which is a subject I have never touched on - so I am freaking lol!!! Also, the colours I have are in the pink/apricot which are colours I have NEVER used and are just not particularly me! Should be interesting...out of that comfort zone already! I am so looking forward to the challenge!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Secret's Out......

Yes, I can tell you! Last Sunday nite, whilst surfing the net, I came across a new site Scrapapple. The were calling for Design Team applications and I had JUST finished my first BTP project, so I bit the bullet and submitted some layouts. I got an email back on Tuesday from Dawn and Kelly saying that I had been chosen for the DESIGN TEAM! I just can't believe it!!!! Scrapapple have huge plans so check out their site and keep your eye on them!

I am really looking forward to their challenges and to working amongst some of the best in the business, namely Melissa Duffy, Melissa Goodsell, Sara Pearcy, Sarah van Wijck, and Renee Bizek. I have soooo much to learn from these girls.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Shhhhh, I've got a secret!!!!

I have got THE most exciting news ever!!!!!!

BUT I can't tell (yet)!!!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


I've only just realised that I haven't posted a picture of Zane yet! This is a layout I did about 6 weeks or so ago. Isn't he gorgeous - my big 12yo boy! This layout titled "Slowly My Precious Son" is my message to him not to hurry...he has so much time to grow up. I guess all mothers think that about their children most of the time. (The rest of the time we're wishing they were older lol!) Ah, the irony of parenting!

The Boys are Back in Town!!

Well last nite Tim and Zane arrived home from their weekend expedition to Fraser Island. They had an absolute ball and Tim took some terrific photos! It was so good for Zane to be able to do some "blokey" things, i.e. he had a turn at driving Uncle Scott's 4WD, (probably heaps of belching, swearing and f*rting, etc. went on!).
A real testosterone-fest! (Eeeewwww). Not like us women at all lol!

Mum came over on the weekend to help me out as my back is STILL not right (two weeks now and I am, to say the least, getting a little tired of it! Never mind.

On the scrapping front, I had a chance to have a play a little and came up with this very basic layout - it is of a gorgeous photo of Jonah (that kid is sooo photogenic). This was another one of those rare occasions I didn't use printed paper! I also wanted to bring pink and green into it as I really don't get the chance to scrap those colours because, with a family of boys, I have to keep things as "butch" as possible! I always find it a challenge to use something "girly" on my layouts and yet hope they still have a "masculine" feel.